At the universities we started the project called WATER FOR PEOPLE! FILTERMAC brings students and employees fresh micro-filtered, sparkling or still water for free. You just come with your own bottle and you can draw an unlimited amount of micro-filtered water of the best quality. Without unnecessary plastic and healthily for you as well as for our wonderful planet.


Together we save hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles every year and students really enjoy that. The universities are trying to improve their services for the students and employees. FILTERMAC is a new and popular service thanks to which the students save a vast amount of plastic bottles, they drink healthy water they can get a healthy intake of fluids and do not waste money in the vending machines. Thanks to FILTERMAC the consumption of sweetened beverages is decreasing.


In order to be able to offer all this free of charge we got together with our sponsors. They are enlightened companies that are interested in improving the quality of life and we share the passion for changing something.


At these universities you can find FILTERMAC.



Said about us…


​FILTERMAC offers an effective way how a company can inform students about internships and working positions in a modern and cool way. The companies sponsoring FILTERMAC combine the CSR project with excellent PR and they ally themselves with a very positive idea. Sponsors have an opportunity to present themselves to students via an LCD monitor which enables online administration of the presentations. Thank you for doing a good thing with us!


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